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AIO Runtime Libraries by Wilenty (Installer/Uninstaller) 18.02.20

Автор: Radiation от 20-02-2018, 16:11, посмотрело: 233

AIO Runtime Libraries by Wilenty (Installer/Uninstaller) 18.02.20

Как известно, плохо удаленные программы иногда приводят к сбою ОС!
Visual C++ AIO Installer/Uninstaller - очистит Ваш ПК от устаревших версий Visual C++ и установит последние.

AIO Runtime Libraries by Wilenty (Installer/Uninstaller) is designed to install and uninstall any Visual C++ versions.

AIO Runtime libraries by Wilenty (Installer/Uninstaller) has fixed Visual C++ problems for hundreds of thousands of people, and that's just on MajorGeeks, but it did have one thing we didn't like. Visual C++ Runtime Installer runs as a command-prompt, and it installs everything. While that fixes the problem, it adds a lot of versions most don't need. It also lacked any uninstaller to remove these versions.

Enter AIO Runtime libraries by Wilenty (Installer/Uninstaller) which adds the ability to not only uninstall old versions but to select which version is installed. But wait, there's more. A menu has been added to check and see what versions you have installed with a total at the bottom of what can be installed. Click here on "Installed?" and you will be told what currently is installed on your computer.

We don't use the word brilliant on MajorGeeks often, but it applies here. Missing or broken Visual C++ problems? Your problem ends here. Visual C++ AIO Installer/Uninstaller is completely free and portable.

AIO Runtime Libraries by Wilenty (Installer/Uninstaller) 18.02.20

Changelog v18.02.20 (2018-02-20):
+ Added that the program during installation or uninstallation, after the return code, shows messages to assigned digits.
+ Added the last released xml4 version: MSXML 4.0 SP3 Parser (x86).
+ Added the last released xml6 version: MSXML 6 Service Pack 2 (x86/x64).
+ Added that the program shows installed XML versions, but does not uninstall them (for some reasons).

<> Changed:
* the above XML versions can be installed if there are no files on the computer, or the version of any of the local files is smaller;
* the "Cancel" button has been changed to "Quit" and after pressing the "Quit" button or closing the program window, it comes out without asking;
* the author has made the order with keyboard shortcuts (access keys) so that they would not be scattered all over the keyboard - please note the underlined single letters;
* all information displayed in the memo and components is active by default.

Год выхода: 2018
ОС: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP 32-bit (x86 Edition) / 64-bit (x64 Edition)
Интерфейс: Eng / Английский
Лицензия: бесплатно
Размер архива: 36.64 MB

AIO Runtime Libraries by Wilenty (Installer/Uninstaller) 18.02.20

AIO Runtime Libraries by Wilenty (Installer/Uninstaller) 18.02.20

dle 10.2 скачать , Быстрый торрент трекер КиноСвин рунета

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